Green Island Energy

Green Island Energy is developing a thermal power plant on the site of a former pulp and paper mill in the Gold River region of British Columbia. The power plant is capable of delivering 90 megawatts of net firm power into the BC transmission system. The combination of existing power generation infrastructure, abundant water resources, deep-sea access to bulk fuel supplies, community support (including First Nations), and a 40-year power purchase contract with BC Hydro will enable the Gold River Power Project to achieve commercial operation in 2010.

Green Island Energy owns and operates the 400-acre waterfront industrial site, which is zoned for utilizes, heavy industry, and bulk fuels storage. 100% of our fuel supply has been procured under long term contracts, and USA and Canadian port facilities are secured by 30-year lease arrangements. We have received our "Green" power certification and are accepted into the federal EcoEnergy program.

The Gold River mill site is the first industrial pulp mill in British Columbia to receive certification from the Provincial government for environmental cleanup and compliance.

The Gold River Power Project began in early 2003 with site acquisition and the commencement of preliminary engineering and design, environmental permitting, and fuel supply studies. Detailed engineering, site permitting, interconnection studies, fuel procurement and site preparation were completed in late 2003. In 2006, BC Hydro awarded us our Electricity Purchase Agreement, which was approved by the BC Utilities Commission.

Phase one of the project, commencing in the first quarter of 2009, is a 45 megawatt boiler. This is an existing boiler which will burn 350,000 tons/yr of woodwaste. Phase two, commencing in the fourth quarter of 2009, is a second 45 megawatt boiler. This is a modified recovery boiler which will burn 450,000 tons/year of refuse derived fuel. Refuse Derived Fuel is a sorted and processed composite of organic and carbon based material that has been recovered from Municipal Sold Waste.

The Gold River Power Project is already accepting and stockpiling wood waste, and will begin accepting baled and wrapped RDF beginning in 2008.